A9 Consulting offer a range of services across the ecological and environmental spectrum.

Ecological survey and impact assessments:

We provide survey, assessment and reporting services for:

1. Birds: We provide surveyors for most British species, including those requiring Schedule license to disturb under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Surveys can include those required for Environmental Impact Assessment through to identification of birds to allow developments with planning permission to take place whilst adhering to wildlife legislation.   

2. Habitats: We provide surveyors for Phase 1 and National Vegetation Classification (NVC) surveys, Herbivore Impact Assessment, invasive species surveys and tree regeneration surveys. We have carried out many NVC surveys on habitats of conservation and environmental importance, including bog, heath, woodland and flush/Groundwater Dependent Terrestrial Environment (GWDTE).

3. Protected mammals/amphibians: We and our associates hold a range of Scottish Natural Heritage licenses to carry out potentially invasive surveys on a range of protected species, such as red squirrels, Scottish wild cat, badgers, bats, Great Crested Newts (GCN) and otters.   

4. Assistance with Scottish Natural Heritage license applications for protected mammals.

Management plans:

We provide consultancy services for the management of protected species where there is potential conflict between these species and development and maintenance of structures (e.g. railway structures), agriculture and other land uses.

This includes Species Protection Plans and Scottish Natural Heritage license application for protected species such as badger, bat, GCN, otter, pine marten and red squirrel. These plans detail the current state of the species involved at the site in question, how the proposed works will affect them, which mitigation is proposed and what the impact will be with the mitigation in place and how this is monitored.

We are also able to produce Habitat Management Plans for developments and habitat creation and improvement.

Environmental / Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW):

We also have extensive experience as ECoW on a wide range of projects, from red squirrel tree felling under license through to ECoW and Environmental Advisor or large projects (e.g. wind farm, hydro schemes, powerlines, housing schemes and other infrastructure).

We can provide assistance with fulfilment of Planning Conditions, provision of Construction Environmental Management Documents (CEMD/CEMP), pre- and post-construction monitoring, environmental auditing and advice on environmental and ecological protection and mitigation strategies.   





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